Golden Hill House

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Golden Hill House

2410 E Street San Diego, CA 92102


Located in the Golden Hill area of San Diego, Golden Hill House is an intensive residential treatment program for adult women. This facility affords quick and easy access to downtown and to public transportation.

The focus at Golden Hill House is on individual responsibility for recovery and productive re-entry into the community. Clients participate in individual recovery planning, counseling, group problem-solving exercises, vocational services, alcohol and other drug education, and workshops on relapse prevention. Family night, supervised parent-child visitation, as well as recreational and social activities are also important elements of the program design.

Depending on your individual goals, we can also help you with money management, job preparation, time management, and proper nutrition and meal preparation. Maybe you want to work on reuniting with your children or on going back to school? We can help you to set up and work on any goals that will help you with your recovery and your re-entry into the community.

Licensed and Certified by the State Department of Health Care Services License and Certification Number: 370024LN                                              Expires 04/30/2025

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The Staff at Golden Hill House

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