Real Stories

Real Stories From CRASH Partipants

Jennifer’s Story

CRASH was the last place I ever expected to spend my 50th birthday but I thank God every day that I was there. When I finally admitted to my family that I had overdosed and needed some type of residential treatment they gave me a list of three local programs including CRASH. I clearly remember saying “I will go anywhere but I am not going to CRASH.” I had heard the stories about it, heard the rumors about how hard it was, and met people who said being in jail was easier. What I hadn’t heard were stories from people who had completed the program and had thrived. What I didn’t know was that the love that the staff has for the clients is a love I couldn’t give myself and that I desperately needed. What I found at CRASH was a whole new family and a whole new way of life. I was broken and hopeless and could not imagine a life without drugs but could no longer live a life with them.

I had been able to stay clean for short periods of time throughout my 20+ years of active addiction but I always ended up using again. What I had always been missing was the reasoning as to why I was using and the tools that I needed to live without drugs. The staff at CRASH helped me look at the reasons why I used and gave me the love and hope I needed to change my entire life. I learned responsibly, honesty, kindness and boundaries. I learned unconditional love and that if you just follow the suggestions of people who want nothing but the best for you, it is possible to have a beautiful life in recovery.

Although the program now is different from when I attended, the core values remain the same and the love and support of the staff has never wavered. The life I have today is one that I never could have imagined during my addiction. I am blessed and grateful beyond measure to the CRASH program and the staff. It truly saved my life.

Arturo’s Story

My name is Arturo. It is with the deepest of gratitude for what has been a most pivotal part of my life. When I got to CRASH Long-Term, Golden Hill House I (now Golden Hill House II), I walked in homeless with only a duffle bag of clothes, broken, and uncertain if this was really what I needed in life. My P.O. was clear about this though, “you can do one year in residential treatment or go to prison for three years” she said. Obviously, I took the year in treatment. I still hesitated to engage with house rules and having a Shadow. Unsolicited at my heels was some really tough love by my counselors and the entire staff who saw something within me. I had fought treatment for thirty days until I respectfully surrendered to residential treatment. Exile, by the way, was my best tool to seek some truth about my life. 

Fast forward – I honor my clean date July 1, 2002 with seventeen years and counting. I have managed to raise two girls as a single parent for eleven years. I earned legal custody in 2007. While raising these girls I committed to doing things with them and ended up becoming a Girl Scouts Brownie Troop leader. Yes, you heard right, a little homie from down the way in Girl Scouts. 

I have been working for the same company now for almost 14 years now. I am a homeowner and currently raising three beautiful girls of which the youngest is three years old.  Thank you C.R.A.S.H. GOLDEN HILL HOUSE ONE.

Monique’s Story

I entered CRASH Short Term II (now Golden Hill House) on August 23 2001. For the first time in my life, I was desperate to change and, although I was only 26 years old, I had reached such a bottom that I only had two alternatives – die or get clean. I was willing to do anything at that point. I was a mother with no hope of ever being with her children again. During my 144 days in the program I learned, among other things, coping skills to deal with anger and aggression. I still use these skills today. On January 14, 2002 I entered the aftercare phase of treatment where I learned how to live independently and practice healthy boundaries.  I regained custody of my children and became a substance use disorder counselor myself.  I am grateful for the opportunities that I have been given ever since my journey began. My clean date is August 21, 2001.

Cesar’s Story

I entered CRASH through a ‘get well’ request from South County Drug Court in September of 2015. My thought was that I’d be done in 90 days and then return to my old lifestyle. I was addicted to substances for about 25 years. Once I was here at CRASH I realized that my life needed some changes. It was here that I really learned how to live life and learned that life is beautiful and life is to be lived and that miracles really do happen.  My clean date is May 23rd, 2015.

Laura’s Story

My name is Laura. I entered CRASH Golden Hill House on July 25, 2007, not of my own accord, but by the choice given me through probation.  Up until then, my life had been nothing but chaos. My addiction covered about 37 years of my life. I could have continued on with my lifestyle choices and terrible decisions and ended up as a 3 strike criminal offender. At first, it wasn’t my intention to get clean and stay clean. Instead, I thought that ‘Behavior Modification’ meant I could change some things and continue the lifestyles. I was in the house for 128 days, did 6 months of aftercare and then continued to attend aftercare until July of 2017. My treatment process at CRASH not only opened my eyes to how messed up I was, but also gave me the willingness to do what was necessary to make a complete change. Through this process I was introduced to various 12 Step self-help programs that have taught me a new way to live. I’ve been able to maintain my clean time and incorporate the ‘tools’ I was taught at CRASH into all areas of my life. By doing so and continuing to give back and serve as a volunteer at CRASH, I’ve been given an opportunity of a lifetime. Not only am I an employable and productive member of society, but my personal life today is truly beyond my wildest dreams.

Lauren’s Story

My clean date is 5/9/16. I was in my addiction for 10 years. I caught a federal case transporting drugs across the border and was arrested for the first time in my life and was ultimately sent to CRASH Short Term 2 (now Golden Hill House). I spent 101 days in the house and 6 months of aftercare with the same counselor for both. I graduated on 5/9/17. It was the best 1 year clean date present I could give to myself. After completing CRASH, I also graduated the diversion program and got off of probation with a clean record. All of the skills and tools I gained from CRASH helped me start living my life again. I have a relationship with my family today. I am a full time student. I am responsible. I am reliable. I am honest. I am trustworthy. I am also a Case Manager at a drug treatment program with the goal of becoming a Substance Use Disorder Counselor.