Welcome To Your Recovery

CRASH is a residential recovery program for men and women whose lives have been impacted by substance abuse.

Your employment, your mental health, and your relationships with family and friends may have been affected by your addiction. We hope our program will be your first step toward changing that. This step will help you to stop the vicious cycle of pain, anger, and self-destructive behavior your addiction has caused.

We believe chemical and alcohol dependency is a disease that can be arrested and treated successfully. Our goal is to help you work with your disease to stay clean and sober and to help ensure your continued recovery from this dependency.

We expect many men and women who have taken that first step of entering our program have co-occurring disorders as well as medical, legal, employment, and interpersonal issues. Our goals include assistance with you as a whole person and we will work with you to address each of these areas.  It is part of our program to provide referrals and support for linkages to services related to all of your needs and to incorporate those services into your treatment plan and recovery process.

At this center, you will begin a new way of life with new patterns of thinking, living, and feeling.

The entire staff will assist you every step of the way but your cooperation – your buy-in – is essential to your recovery. Mere compliance, going through the motions, as it were, without your acceptance and motivation, is not enough. Your recovery depends on YOU. Anything less than your full commitment will likely result in you returning to old habits.

Please understand that there are no locks on our doors. You are here at your discretion and you can leave whenever you like. We hope you will stay and see what you can attain with a little help from us and your fellow residents. Together, we can accomplish the success that you deserve.

We recognize that, by entering CRASH, you are reaching out for help and deserve a welcoming response.

We take responsibility for assisting every individual who enters our doors because we believe the life of each person is precious. You are precious. We welcome you into your future of sober, healthy, living.

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